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coke machine
True asked:

I keep going to the stupid (LOL) machine at my job to get a soda and every time I go, its expired. The latest one is a Diet Coke expired on 03/31. Everyone says its still good but isn’t there a reason why an expiration date is there?

Can you drink soda after it expires?

  1. lovemybaby Said,

    You can still drink it. The date is there as more of a “BEST IF USED BY” date. It tells you that after that date, the freshness may not be so good. In this case, the carbonation may be a little less stronger that what it should be. Soda doesnt spoil, it’ll just be flat tasting and not as bubbly after a while. Talk to thiose vendors, they’re supposed to remove the expired products before loading new ones!

  2. blueelk223 Said,

    Yes, there is no great risk to it but it might not taste as fresh.

    The expreation date is more of a marketing ploy than anything.

  3. hotheat78 Said,

    I didnt know soda had an

  4. Jenny W Said,

    i dont think it’s good, cause i mean you should never drink expired food or drinks.

    if you really want a drink then just go to a store and just buy a big pack of soda and then take it with you to work, that’s what i do.

  5. "Chynna" "Louie" Said,

    I just checked my soda can & it says to get the”Best Taste” drink by such&such date but not an expiration date— I don’t think it’s like milk or anything so—my answer is YES, you can still drink soda after the date —I think it’s to ensure “freshness” not spoilage

  6. Tinkerbell Said,

    Even if you can still drink it, you shouldnt have to drink or eat expired goods from a vending machine, not at full price anyway.
    Tell whovere is in charge of the vending machine to sort it out.

  7. skeptical Said,

    Can you? Of course! What would stop you?

    SHOULD you? Depends on how far out of date it is. A few days? No problem. A few months?

    Hmmm. Better safe than sorry.

  8. friendlystranger65 Said,

    Are you that thirsty?

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