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soda machine
LarkBrooks asked:

Hi, at the restaurant I work, we have two fountain drink machines. The nozzles which dispense the soda tend to build up on mold. Cleaning them with a tooth brush helps, but does not totally resolve the problem, as the mold in the nozzles is difficult to reach. Does anyone know of an effective solution?

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  1. Robin Said,

    I would say try running vinigar though the machine. You’ll have to rinse it really well but they should help.

  2. fearslady Said,

    Remove them, if possible, and soak them in bleach, just rinse them off really well before you reassemble them. If you can’t remove them, spray them with a bleach and water solution. This should kill the mold. Also, you might check with your soda vendor to see if they have any suggestions or if they can just replace the nozzles!

  3. k h Said,

    I also work at a restaurant and do this all the time. First unplug the machine. Now grab the black nozzle and turn it while pulling down on it. It will come out. The nozzle consists of two pieces. Pop out the inside part. Soak bot pieces in bleach and water. You will also have to scrub with a brush since this is the first time cleaning the machine. I suggest doing this every two weeks.

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