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coke machines
Adam M asked:

they say u can do this and the change will come out is that true lol i dont think it is

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  1. sarah c Said,

    never heard of it! But i will look it up and try it! lol

  2. claws_4_u Said,

    I have never heard of that –
    where do you punch in the numbers or how does it work?

  3. εϊз Lauren εϊз Said,

    Never even heard of it, so it can’t be that known!

  4. Me Said,

    what is it?

  5. quantumrift Said,

    Urban legend to get idiots to stand in front of Coke machines and try to steal money out of it. It’s very funny to watch.

    At one time it was used to get error codes off the machine, but it’s a LONG LONG overused urban legend.

  6. tata Said,


  7. Sky Dee Sky Said,

    I’ve never heard of it. But I know some guys that can put a dollar in hit a button really fast and hit the change button really fast all at the same time and get the can of coke and dollar back. But that is also called stealing.

  8. Alaska H Said,

    Haha, I’m not sure. I know some lads who glue 1p coins together to feign a pound and also fake money from kids toy shops which have worked in the past.

  9. Mike K Said,

    Of course! It still works.

    It depends on the Serial Number of the Coke Machine though. You can find the Serial Number by lifting the machine up and look next to front left corner.

    Machines with a Serial Number starting with 32-A… still use the number combination you mentioned: 432112311.

    Serial Number starting with 18…..(newer models) have the following combination:432112411.
    Warning the 432112311 sounds the Alarm sound in these machines which you can stop with a 432212311 though. Not a big deal.

    Hope that helps.

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